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Boomkicker Boom Supports

Racing or cruising, expert or novice, the boomkicker is the simple solution. You will find many reasons to appreciate a boomkicker. No more topping lift hassles, no adjustments, no hang-ups. Improved boat performance with less weight and windage aloft. If you don't have a topping lift, raising and lowering the mainsail is safer and easier with the boom under control and out of the cockpit. In all cases you will appreciate a faster sail shape in light air. Lifting the boom opens the leech for better air flow and boat speed, while the boom is stabilized for less bouncing.


Spartite is the modern answer to the ancient problem of mast support and sealing at the partners. Spartite is a pre-measured, two-part polymer poured into the cavity between the mast and the partners while the mast is in the boat. Each kit comes with complete instructions and materials for the yard or yacht owner to build a simple mould out of even the most complex partners or mast collar. Spartite makes a one piece perfect fitting mast chock that replaces the archaic wedges.

Sailtec Marine Hydraulics

SAILTEC provides hydraulic tension and rig control for sailboats. We do this by supplying hydraulic push/pull cylinders, hydraulic-pneumatic cylinders, integral pump/pull cylinders, and panel pumps to generate from 2,500 to 250,000 pound tension. We work with designers and architects to provide custom applications and custom finishes. SAILTEC is the sailing industry's preference for marine hydraulics offering: Worldwide sales and service Standard and custom cylinders Exceptional factory support Product innovation Why not work with Sailtec on your design and application requirements?

MagicEzy Fiberglass Repair Products

MagicEzy's revolutionary range of fiberglass repair products allows even novice repairers to fix hairline cracks, chips, holes and other surface damage. The fiberglass filler technology acts like a marine epoxy, allowing you to fill and bond fiberglass as well as color it, resulting in a professional repair result.

You can choose the 9 Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix, all of which come in 11 colors, or Mega Fusion. Products are water, weather and impact resistant, set rapidly and can be sanded and drilled. Suitable for cosmetic AND structural repairs.